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How to know if a girl likes you – Sign of Attraction

How to know if a girl likes you – Sign of Attraction :

The best way to know if a girl like you, is to ask her out for date. Maybe first for coffee or to the mall, nothing big, but if she gets excited chances are good your meet up will go well and you can discuss her feelings / confess your own and find out for sure.

Don’t worry about maintaining a friendship if dating doesn’t work out.  You can’t have both. You can have a girl who’s a friend or a girl you want to date. There is risk involved and you have to understand that. Life isn’t a disney movie where everyone lives happily ever after. If you date one of these girls and it doesn’t work out, chances are you won’t be friends with her when it’s over. That’s how relationships work out and that’s normal. You can’t have her as a friend, then try to date her and then go back to being friends. That’s immature and unrealistic.

I see a lot of guys try to slide themselves into a relationship by being friends first and that’s a weak way to go about it because you’re basically trying to protect your ego from rejection in case she doesn’t like you.  If you want a girl, go after her like a man would, make sure she knows what you want. It will actually turn her on. women like confident men who go after what they want.

Well every person is different, but here’s how a socially awkward, tomboyish, nerdy, quiet girl acted around her crushes…

very quick replies
Basically boys disturb girls a lot but when a girl likes a boy she keeps on sending him a message and try to improve the conversation and start deep digging inside u.

Special attention
Though there are many people in your gang, her attention will be only on him and also she takes care that none is looking at her

Half knowledge
Though the girl doesn’t know much about the topic, she tries to talk to him a lot about it as if she knows completely about it. Video games, cricket, foot ball , bikes are some among the topics.

I am there
Whenever you are in mood off or some trouble, she comes to you and console you no matter whether u r expecting or not. If she knows the person because of whom you r in mood off she even tries to kill them.

No matter how your joke is, the girl laughs a lot as her main intention is to impress you.

No secrets
Girls share everything making you realize what kind persons you are. She will share everything with you and you will be the first person to know.

Those details
Girls remember everything that u say them be it your gang details or your home address and ur size.

Always keep an eye on you
The girl always checks what u r doing and how u r doing it. She keeps an eye on you. She peeps at you and when you find her looking at u they throw a cute helpless smile. It clearly shows that she is into you. she will be furious and anxious if she sees you and other girls are walking or having dinner together,but maybe she won’t show or express her feelings,but she will change her profile,refuse to talk to you and so forth observation.

Here are some sign you notice if she really into you or likes you  :

Read her body language.  Is she playing with her hair, twirling it, and making longer than usual eye contact with you? Is she engaging conversation with you, even when it would be easier for her to leave?  Does she tease you, laugh at your more corny jokes, and make effort to see you? If the answer to many of these questions is yes, she no doubt has a little thing for you.

  1. She will text you so many times. She will initiate the conversation. She will ask you your whereabouts. About the things happening in your life.
  2. She will want to go out with you. She will tell you randomly, “Have you seen that new coffee shop at this place?” Or “Have you seen that movie? Lets go watch it sometime.”
  3. She will drop hints at you which tell you that she feels you’re a close friend. Remember when a girl is interested in you, she won’t hesitate to show you.
  4. She will ask for your help. Even when she doesn’t need it. She will want to know how do you solve a problem.
  5. She will call you by herself. Just to catch up. She might find an excuse or something to talk about. But she won’t give up easily on the conversation.
  6. Before she meets any mutual friends of both of you, she will definitely try and find out whether you’re coming or not.
  7. She will be comfortable with you. Whether its spending time alone or telling you her secrets. She will show you that she trusts you.
  8. She will try to know everything about you. From your family details to how did you get your knee hurt or that scar or any tiniest detail. She would want to be a part of everything you do.
  9. When she is usually engaging you in conversation by facebook or mobile messages.
  10. When she invests in the relationship more than you do.
  11. When she says nice things about herself, like “I won a Miss beauty contest” or “Guys are always trying to hit on me when I go out party” or “I have always had great marks at college/school”.
  12. When she immediately makes up excuses if you disapprove something she said and tries to reverse her statement.
  13. When her body is usually faced to you in group conversations even if you are not talking.
  14. When she laughs at your jokes even when they are not that funny.
  15. Whether quiet or outgoing, she will love being around you, hearing from you, interacting with you.
  16. Look into her eyes. Observe her smile and body language. Small details tell everything.
  17. If you are bold,ask her face-to-face,observing what expression she expose to you,you can tell
  18. If you are shy,talking with her friends is an access to know what exactly she is feeling
  19. Meanwhile,you can chat with her online or have dinner with her,through her emotions when speaking to you,you can know what you care
  20. She Touches You “Accidentally
  21. She Asks You a Lot of Questions
  22. She Plays with Her Hair While Talking to You
  23. She Compliments You
  24. She Punches Your Arm While Laughing
  25. She Asks if You Have a Girlfriend
  26.  She Introduces You to Friends
  27. She Avoids Mentioning Her Boyfriend

If a girl likes you, she will put you on the very top on her priority list. She will make time for you when you want to meet. She will reply you immediately if you text her. She will be happier than you if you have a good news. She will be very worried if you are sick.

She wants to spend as much time with you as much as she can. She might not talk much, or do much, but she really likes hanging out with you or talking on the phone or chatting. Whatever way she can spend time with you, she is up for. As girl who is comfortable spending time with you without having any romantic feelings may not necessarily need to hang out with you all the time, but she enjoys spending time when she does. Not too different from how you and your friends who are guys might relate.

I am guessing it is the same for you, right? You want to be spend time with a girl you like as much as you can.

Also try talking to other people about this, people who know the both of you. They will probably we able to tell you more than someone like me who is very far removed from the situation!

I am trying to be as general as possible because how this plays out will be different from girl to girl. An outgoing girl might act shier around you. Maybe not. A quieter girl might stay quiet. She might come out of her shell more if she feels safe enough around you to do so.

How to know about a girl Interested in you, Even if you have not talked to her :

If she stares she is definitely seems curious about you. Liking happens only once you get to know a person till then it is only curiosity. So you should not worry about whether she likes you but if you find yourself attracted you can approach her by saying a simple hi. You could simply start the conversation by stating the fact that you noticed her, and that you want to get to know her. Ask for her email, phone, fb id or whatsapp and leave. Chances are that if she is also curious about you she will not make it difficult for you . If she is from your college there are tons of things that you can talk about starting from favourite subject to teacher. If things backfire you could always say that there was so much of eye contact, you thought she wanted you to approach her.

start with making her friend. Go ahead and approach her for friendship. Girls always respect those guys who approach first, this sends her a clear message that you are up for it. Then just let things flow in their own pace. One thing led to another and within few days you will know what is thinks about you. I saw this actually works. A friend of mine he actually have crush on this girl. He approach her confidently and asked for her friendship and within few days that girl confesses how she feels about him. But you have to take the first step. Remember confidence is the key!!! So be confident and be zealous!!!!

Here is my personal favourite to Know if she like you :

  1. Eyes that speak
  2. Lips that smile
  3. Hair that glows

Pro Tip : Finally i say, Seriously there is no gesture, no sign, no tell that will say that someone likes someone else. The only way you can be sure of someone else’s emotions is to talk to them.

Do not test a girl to know whether she likes you or loves you. If you love her please be frank and go tell her the fact. If she loves you.. Lucky you. If not please don’t hate her. She will have feelings too.

She’s a human being. Ask her

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